Pleasantville Community Garden at St. John's

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H O M E  T H I S  W E E K  P A R I S H N E W S D I O C E S E  N E W SE V E N T SH I S T O R Y

 Growing - Gathering - Giving


We thank our partner - 

... The Pleasantville Farmers Market for everything they do to make our town healthy and happy and a great place to be! 

We appreciate the farmers' donations EVERY week and how much we've been able to donate to organizations like Hillside Food Outreach, Neighbors Link and A-Home.  
Together we're all working together to get nutrition to those who need it most in Westchester! 

Together - we've donated 
nearly 9,000 pounds of fresh food this year! 

Thank you PFM!

Email me at if you'd like more information about volunteering with us! Kids and adults are welcome! 

Thank you! 

Pleasantville Community Garden