H O M E  T H I S  W E E K  P A R I S H N E W S D I O C E S E  N E W SE V E N T SH I S T O R Y

A big thank you to everyone who chipped in and lent a hand in setting up our Pumpkin Patch!

And to all the volunteers who are helping to staff the sales table.


Friday:  6-9pm
Saturday:  10am - 6pm
Sunday:  Noon - 6pm

St.John's Pumpkin Patch!
Frost Valley Confirmation Retreat 

 After travelling three miles over very slippery hill and dale, we were rewarded with this spectacular view. Hot chocolate awaited at the end of our return hike.

Be sure to ask Tommy McPhee, Matt May, Connor Murphy and Nate Hoadley how they liked the retreat. I’ll bet their stories will make you want to go with us next year!

More pictures of outdoor frozen fun:

Pleasantville Day: 
Community Garden at St. Johns - Pleasantville Day and Planting Day
Easter 2017
Confirmation 2017 and Blessing of the Plaques by The Rt. Rev. Allen K. Shin, Suffragan Bishop
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